From 7th June 2020 onwards, recorded lessons (R) and assignments (A) will be uploaded to Dhasvehi as per the schedule below. Google Meet (GM) sessions, during which students can clarify their doubts, will also be held as scheduled. Google Meet (GM) links will be informed by teachers in Viber groups and/or Dhasvehi. Make sure you login to Dhasvehi daily, watch the recorded lessons, and submit all assignments on time. Also, check class/subject Viber groups daily for updates. If you have forgotten your password or have a technical problem with Dhasvehi, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, class and SID.



GR 12

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
ACC [R] BUS [R][A] DHI [R][A] ACC [R][A] CHE [GM 11:30-12:00]
ECO [R][A] CHE [R][A] ISL [R][A] ECO [GM 14:00-15:00] TT [R][A]
BIO [R][A] PHY [R][A] ENG/CAE/CPE [R][A] BIO [GM 14:00-14:45] MAT 12FH [GM 12:00-13:00]
MAT 12EM [GM 12:00-13:00] MAT 12DNI [GM 11:00-12:00] MAT 12FH [GM 12:00-13:00] MAT [R][A] ACC 12KN [GM 11:00-12:00]
MAT 12O [GM 11:00-12:00] MAT 12JO [GM 12:00-13:00] MAT 12GJ [GM 12:00-13:00] MAT 12DNI [GM 11:00-12:00] PHY [GM 10:30-11:30]
ACC 12L [GM 11:00-12:00] MAT 12GJ [GM 12:00-13:00] ACC 12M [GM 11:00-12:00] MAT 12JO [GM 12:00-13:00] DHI [GM 14:30-15:00]
      MAT 12EM [GM 12:00-13:00] ACC 12O [GM 11:00-12:00]

GR 11

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
BUS [R][A] DHI [R][A] ECO [R][A] CHE [GM 12:00-13:00] ACC [R][A]
CHE [R][A] ISL [R][A] BIO [R][A] TT [R][A] ECO [GM 16:00-17:00]
PHY [R][A] ENG/CAE/CPE [R][A] MAT 11FG [GM 12:00-13:00] PHY [GM 14:00-15:00] MAT [R][A]
  MAT 11LJ [GM 12:00-13:00]   ACC 11I [GM 10:30-11:30] DHI [GM 13:30-14:00]
  MAT 11E [GM 10:30-11:30]   ACC 11JK [GM 12:00-13:00]  
  MAT 11D [GM 12:00-13:00]   ACC 11L [GM 13:00-14:00]  
  MAT 11CK [GM 13:00-14:00]   ACC 11HM [GM 14:00-15:00]  
[R] recorded lesson(s)        
[A] assignment(s)        
[GM] Google Meet session        



Please transfer the school fee to the following account and include the following details.

Account Name: Villa College
Account Number: 7701701095001

Student Name:

Please share the transfer slip to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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