Adabee Buruj

 Adabee Buruj

  TEACHER IN CHARGE: Athifa Zakariyya   

"Adhabee Buruju" is the Dhivehi Club of Villa International High School. Although the club, "Adhabee Buruju" was established in 2012, Dhivehi activities has been conducted since the opening of the school. We wish to continue our work of enlightening students with a fair knowledge of the language and to carry out our duty of arousing and improving students’ interest in Dhivehi language and usage.

Adhabee Buruju has been set up with the aim to promote students’ interest in the Dhivehilanguage through the holding of different activities and games.

Our main objective is to :                       
-Cultivate a Dhivehi Language learning atmosphere in the school                       
-Create an environment where students can explore Dhivehi resources even outside the school.                       
Club President: Ali Raufath Sodiq                       
Club Vice President: Aminath Miyasha Mahir                       
Club Secretary:Mujeeba Mohamed                       
Club Treasurer:  Aishath Isa af     

Recent Activities

  •  Preparing students for the Story writing and essay writing competition organized by Dhivehi Academy.



































  • Teaching Effective Communication skills










































  • "FolK" Event - An opportunity for the students to learn the importance of  local traditions and culture in Maldive








































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