Media Club

Media Club

Teacher Incharge : Aminath Haroon

Media Club is an entertainment multimedia club at VIHS that seeks to bring students together outside of the classroom to create multimedia productions, from producing films to recording music. Media Club is dedicated to showcasing the work of VIHS students.  Media Club takes field trips to meet professionals in the media and audio recording field. For those interested in audio recording, reporting, directing, script writing, video editing, graphic design or camera work, this is the club for you.  Training is also provided in these fields. The mission of this club is to inform, educate and entertain.

Media club activities are open to all students, and the Media Club covers after school events such as sporting activities, graduation, the play, and other events. The Media Club will capture school events through digital pictures and video. There are four posts of the club. That is the president, vice-president, secretary and the treasurer of the club.

Responsibilities of the club:

• Develop amongst students an understanding of importance of communication
• Develop among students an understanding of the effects of mass media on themselves as individuals and also upon society
• Develop skills to deconstruct media messages by making them understand the constructed nature of media
• Develop skills to encourage the production of creative media messages.
•Encourage students to express their feelings and thoughts through media messages they produce
• Introduce students to various career opportunities in mass media.


Recent Activities

Media club had few activities during the first semester 2014. Firstly the club had the election for the various posts in the club. Election was conducted on 21st August 2014.

Office bearers elected are;
 President of Media Club  Ahmed Maumoor 12M
 Vice President of Media Club  Yadhya Waheed 12G     
 Secretary of Media Club Khadeeja Sah’wa 11D
Treasurer of Media Club Aishath Lubana Labeeb 11A

The first activity conducted by Media Club was a workshop on ‘Visual Journalism’. Fathimath Leeza (Senior Producer) from TVM lectured in the workshop. It was a four hour workshop held on 24th September 2014 from 1:30 to 5:30. Students from other clubs also participated in this workshop.

Next the Club had inter-class and individual category photo competition, which was held on 26th September 2014 on the theme ‘Shadows/Silhoutte’.  Most of the classes participated in this activity and various numbers of individual students participated and received more than 100 photos for the competition.

Media club held their second documentary competition among the four houses of the school on 28th September 2014. All the houses participated in this activity on the theme ‘Vision, Dreams, and Reality’. Students’ participation in this category was noticeable and competitive.

Media Club will be having their last activity for the Semester on 2nd November 2014. This will be a presentation by the Media Club Students on the Theme ‘Child Right and Participation’ organized by UNICEF.
Students of Media Club helped in various ways to conduct these activities and the teachers of the Club. Therefore, the Club would like to thank the students and teachers who helped in various ways to conduct and make these activities a success.