Code of Ethics

  • VIHS shall act with integrity in dealing with all students and members of the community.
  • VIHS shall adopt such policies and practices to ensure the quality of education programs offered which are relevant and in accordance with the requirements of:
    • Ministry of Education / Maldives
    • Maldivian legislation and regulations.
  • VIHS will ensure:
    • Provision of adequate facilities in which to conduct classes
    • Employment of qualified staff and maintenance of staff professional development sufficient to deliver programs on an ongoing basis
    • Accuracy of any marketing and promotional advertising material
    • Compliance with an acceptable refund policy
    • Maintenance and continual improvement of a Quality Assurance System
    • Compliance with Occupational Health and Safety and Care requirements
    • Maintenance of adequate records and security of all records
    • Client access to their records upon request within an established procedure 
  • VIHS undertakes to maintain quality teaching and to uphold the highest ethical standards.
  • VIHS undertakes to ensure that all employees, agents and representatives are familiar with and agree to comply with this code of ethics.
  • VIHS shall refrain from associating with any enterprise which could be regarded as acting in breach of this code of ethics.

Use of ICT resources

  • Students can get access to computer laboratories during the classes held in computer laboratories. If a student want to use the computer laboratory outside class hours, he/she may do so by making a booking at the school office.
  • Students can get access to internet via wifi at the campus or at computer laboratories.
  • Users of the laboratory shall adhere, at all times, to rules governing the use of ICT resources which shall be enforced by the IT administrator.
  • Students are provided ICT resources to enhance and enrich their knowledge, and to facilitate their studies. Hence, students should use them wisely refraining from using ICT resources for personal use, abuse or misuse.

Use of science Laboratories

  • The school has a total of 6 science laboratories (2 Chemistry labs, 2 Biology labs and 2 Physics labs). 
  • Students are required to follow the safety precautions and rules using these laboratories.
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