Physics Department


To become the foremost department in VIHS, improve our results year by year.Enable students to face the challenges in their future life by applying the skills and knowledge acquired through A level physics course.


  • Deliver excellent teaching to equip the students to maintain international standards.
  • Conducting topic tests frequently to evaluate students performance.
  • Provide opportunities for interactions between teachers and students.
  • Helping out students through extra classes, workshops and consultancy service.
  • Maintain high ethical and moral values.
  • Use of ICT in lecture and laboratory.


Physics - the study of matter, energy and their interactions - is an international enterprise, which plays a key role in the future progress of humankind. The support of physics education and research in Maldives is important because:

  •  Physics is an exciting intellectual adventure that inspires young people and expands the frontiers of our knowledge about Nature.
  •  Physics generates fundamental knowledge needed for the future technological advances that will continue to drive the economic engines of the country.
  •  Physics contributes to the technological infrastructure and provides trained personnel needed to take advantage of scientific advances and discoveries.
  •  Physics is an important element in the education of chemists, engineers and computer scientists, as well as practitioners of the other physical and biomedical sciences.
  •  Physics extends and enhances our understanding of other disciplines, such as the earth, agricultural, chemical, biological, and environmental sciences, plus astrophysics and cosmology - subjects of substantial importance to all peoples of the world.
  •  Physics improves our quality of life by providing the basic understanding necessary for developing new instrumentation and techniques for medical applications, such as computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, ultrasonic imaging, and laser surgery.

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  •  Enable students to sustain and develop an enjoyment of, and interest in, physics and its applications.
  •  Develop an understanding of the link between theory and experiment and foster the development of skills in the design and execution of experiments.
  • Develop essential knowledge and understanding in physics and, where appropriate, the applications of physics with an appreciation of their significance and the skills needed for the use of these in new and changing situations.
  • Demonstrate the importance of physics as a human
  • Endeavour that interacts with social, philosophical, economic and industrial matters.
  •  Prepare the students for higher educational courses in physics and related courses.


 Be a suitable preparation for higher educational courses in physics and related courses such as:  Engineering, medicine, pilot, weather forecaster …etc


Our department consists of a group of well committed, experienced and highly qualified teachers.

Mr. Nidhin. I. Mavullatil (HOD)
Ms. Kavita Vijit
Mr. S. Paul Prem Kumar

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Senior Management Team

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