Maths Department

Our mission is to advance student understanding of Mathematics by using effective and interactive teaching and learning pedagogies and ignite their passion for learning and using Mathematics.

The teaching and learning activities employed by VIHS Mathematics teachers will encourage students to:

  • Develop the understanding of  mathematical processes in a way to promotes confidence and fosters enjoyment
  • Develop abilities to reason logically and recognize incorrect reasoning, to generalize and to construct mathematical proofs
  • Extend their range of mathematical skills and techniques and use them in more difficult, unstructured problems
  • Develop an understanding of coherence and progression in mathematics and of how different areas of mathematics can be connected
  • Recognize how a situation may be represented mathematically
  • Understand the relationship between ‘real-world’ problems and standard and other mathematical models and how these can be refined and improved
  •  Use mathematics as an effective means of communication
  •  Comprehend mathematical arguments and articles concerning applications of mathematics

VIHS offers Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) Mathematics with two options (Mechanics and Statistics). Mechanics is offered only to students who are taking Physics. Students doing Mechanics must complete C12 and M1 Grade 11 and C34 and M2 in Grade 12. Students doing Statistics must complete C12 and S1 Grade 11 and C34 and S2 in Grade 12.


  • Recall, select and use their knowledge of mathematical facts, concepts and techniques in a variety of contexts
  • Construct rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs through use of precise statements, logical deduction and inference and by the manipulation of mathematical expressions, including the construction of extended arguments for handling substantial problems presented in unstructured form
  • Recall, select and use their knowledge of standard mathematical models to represent situations in the real world
  • Recognise and understand given representations involving standard models
  • Present and interpret results from such models in terms of the original situation, including discussion of the assumptions made and refinement of such models
  • Comprehend translations of common realistic contexts into mathematics
  • Use the results of calculations to make predictions, or comment on the context
  • Where appropriate, read critically and comprehend longer mathematical arguments or examples of applications
  • Use contemporary calculator technology and other permitted resources (such as formula booklets or statistical tables) accurately and efficiently
  • Understand when not to use such technology, and its limitations
  • Give answers to appropriate accuracy.


  •     Accountancy
  •     Aerospace & Defence
  •     Automotive
  •     Biosciences
  •     Business support services
  •     Chemicals
  •     Construction
  •     Consultancies
  •     Education
  •     Engineering
  •     Environment

We have a strong team in the Mathematics department of VIHS, who are well experienced in the field of teaching and very dedicated.

Ms. Aminath Nima (HOD)
Mr. Ali Akram
Mr. Mano Isaac Alexander Sigamony

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Senior Management Team

Saeed Ahmed Principal Saeed Ahmed joined VIHS as the Principal in July 2012. He had been in school management since the early years of the 80s. He received his education in the...