Biology Department

“Biology is a study of life-playing a crucial role in our everyday existence. Advances in new technologies such as recombinant DNA and Genomics have made this varied discipline more exciting than ever”


The Biology department integrates meaningful practical experiences with excellent classroom teaching to prepare students to be critical thinkers, engaged citizens and creative and competent professionals in the field of biological sciences.


  • To understand the areas of strengths and weaknesses of students and undertake appropriate remedial measures such as extra classes to meet their demands is also the strength of the department.
  • To mold the students to be the best citizens of tomorrow, the department apart from serving as tools of delivering knowledge is also especially skilled in guiding them appropriately with a friendly, cordial atmosphere
  •  To conduct exhibitions annually to tap the inner potential of students, hence students exhibit their creativity during these events and create a better learning atmosphere.
  •  To carry out regular field trips to various Islands and to the scientific laboratories and Forensics lab for practical based learning activities


The Biology department aspires to provide a program to the challenging curriculum that forces our students out of their comfort zones is a vital component. To these ends, we aspire to provide a strong basis of theoretical and practical skills, which enhance our students’ abilities in all fields of biology.

We recognize that developing a facility with the scientific method, a working knowledge of the tools available to address scientific questions, an understanding of the evolution of scientific thought, and the ability to use scientific principles to address problems in daily life are critical components.

We aspire to infuse the curriculum with historical and current examples of the application of the scientific method to problems in biology and allow students to practice the scientific method in laboratory and field settings with the aim that they integrate the scientific method in their own daily thought.

To utilize the student’s potential wisely in trying to achieve 100% results in Edexcel A level exams.

For further information on the syllabus please visit www.edexcel .com


  •     Students learn to be proficient in scientific oral and written communication.
  •     Students improve knowledge of the unifying principles and major concepts in biology.
  •     Further students’ understanding of science as a way of knowing.
  •     Students learn to understand the relationship between biology and other disciplines.
  •     Students learn about the values and ethics that guide biologists in their profession,and encourage them to use these ethics and values to guide their own practice.
  •     Fosters students’ ability to be engaged citizens and lifelong learners by making use oft heir biological education.


Students can opt for any science related field of further study, including, medicine, pharmacy, laboratory…etc


The Biology department has an elite fleet of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals who leave no stones unturned when it comes to the catering to the needs of the students

Ms. Ghaliba Jaleel (HOD)
Ms. Aminath Hana
Ms. Fathmath Shabeena
Ms. Rugiyya Faiz

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Senior Management Team

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