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The scheme of assessment will assess the candidate’s ability to:

  •  Demonstrate knowledge of accounting procedure and understanding of the principles.
  • Select and apply their knowledge and understanding of accounting procedure to variety of accounting principles.
  •  Analysis and presentation of Accounting information in suitable format
  •  Evaluation and decision-making.


The world of business is ever expanding. There are no geographical boundaries to it. The whole world has become a single market. There are many career opportunities for professionals in Accounting. In order to grab these opportunities, International Advanced Level Accounting is a window to accounting skills necessary for professional courses.

The syllabus focuses in delivering

-   Knowledge and understating of the purpose of Accounting concepts, techniques and application of these techniques.

-   Skills of numeracy, communication, presentation and evaluation of accounting information

-   The ability to compile accounting reports in good format and use them for decision-making.

-   To provide basis for further study in Accounting

The study in Advanced level GCE Accounting involves two Units. They are:

Advance Subsidiary Unit 1 (AS Unit 1), which represents 50% of advanced GCE.

Advanced Unit 2 (A Level Unit 2) which represents remaining 50% of advanced GCE.

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The students who successfully follow the syllabus in Accounting will have a good knowledge and understanding of Accounting concepts, principles and techniques.


This syllabus is a gateway to professional courses like CIMA, ACCA, AAT and Bachelor’s of Accounting.


Our team consists of energetic, well-experienced teachers.

Ms. Sheeja Mohanakumar (Acting HOD)

Ms. Nishan Mohamed


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