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Our mission is to enhance student learning in an inquisitive, resourceful environment to advance their understanding of the subject through modern teaching and learning strategies.


  • To make sure that our students complete their A’ level with excellent academic performance.
  • To develop a critical understanding of organizations and their ability to meet society’s needs and wants.
  • To promote a holistic understanding of business through considering how a new business idea is developed, understanding how a business is managed, how its performance is analysed and how it could trade overseas. 


At VIHS, we teach A Level Business Studies course with an aim to provide students, the understanding and appreciation of business and its commitment towards society. Students are provided with conceptual, communicative and practical skills and are required to draw on a range of interrelated disciplines.

In order to facilitate the above, the department takes hands-on approach in delivering and assessing the students’ progress proactively.
In general Maldivian students are good at understanding the business studies at knowledge level. However they often struggle to apply the higher level skills required at A level and commonly have difficulty in relating their knowledge to a given business context. At VIHS effort is made to deliver the subject with the help of news articles, case studies and video clips. Such materials provide students with the opportunity to recognize how knowledge gained in the classroom can be applied to varying real life business situations.

Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Business Studies:

AS level - unit 1: Developing new business ideas

AS level - unit 2a: Managing the business

A2 level - unit 3: International Business

A2 level – unit 4a: Making Business Decisions


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Students will be able to learn four major skills during the teaching and learning of Business Studies course including:

           -  Knowledge and understanding of the specified content
           -  Apply knowledge and understanding of the specified content to problems and issues arising from both familiar and unfamiliar situations
           - Analyze problems, issues and situations
           - Evaluate, distinguish between and assess appropriateness of fact and opinion, judge information form a variety of sources.


A Level Business Studies introduces students to the world of business in a straightforward, logical and practical way. This course provides a solid ground for the study of business related fields at degree and master levels. Students can also opt for ACCA and CIMA professional qualifications as a path to their career growth.


Business Club

This is a School-based club that encourages the student to make use of the forum to incorporate their learning’s of the subject with the real business world. This club provides various opportunities to the students in developing their leadership skills, organizing capability and personality development. The student’s led executive team of Business Club plays a leading role in organizing multiple activities including seminars, exam centered workshops, field trips and organizes competitive inter school events to relate business subject with the real business world and provide opportunities to the students to learn through fun and fellowship.


The Business Studies department of the Villa International High School consists of a well-experienced faculty, who has expertise in the areas of academics as well as industry.

Ms. Hawwa Ashiya (Acting HOD)

Ms. Fathmath Fadhuwa


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