Educational Facilities

VIHS is dedicated to offer its students quality in education in parallel with high quality class rooms with multimedia and air-conditioning facilities, Free WiFi, and other important facilities and services that help in delivering an international standard learning environment.


Air-Conditioned classrooms with multimedia facility

All classrooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with such multimedia facilities as projectors and computers. 

Science/Computer Laboratories

Laboratories acts as a medium for students to experience real-world experiments that would be of great help when they are pursuing higher studies. 

Student Learning Support (SLS)

VIHS encourages self-learning and self-development. While subject teachers monitor the academic progress of the students, in order to promote self-learning and self-development, students are encouraged to self-assess their learning process to identify areas or topics that they need personalized academic support and  coaching. Students can approach SLS officer to register for the topics that they seek academic support.

Student counseling and support services

VIHS caters to diverse client learning needs and aims to identify and respond to the learning needs of all students. Students are encouraged to express their views about their learning needs at all stages of their learning experience from the initial counseling and enrolment stage. All students should make an appointment at Reception with the Student Services Officer if they wish to ask about any academic or personal counseling services available at VIHS. The School provides suitable resources to help students to identify their learning needs and provides staff with the required student based information for use in designing student teaching and assessment strategies. In designing and adapting teaching and assessment policies and procedures, VIHS will do its best to ensure that they comply with the regulatory requirements and curriculum. The school provides counseling services to students who need personalized counseling. Students are encouraged to book a counseling session at the school office. Personal counseling services include but not limited to:

  • Grievance /conflict resolution
  • Stress management
  • Welfare and support
  • Any other personal matter

Mentoring and career counseling

In addition to the student learning support and counseling services, the school conducts a mentoring program. Each student will be assigned a teacher as the mentor. A mentoring relationship is a close, individualized relationship that develops over time between a student and a mentor teacher that includes both caring and guidance. Mentoring relationship involves teachers acting as close, trusted, and experienced colleagues and guides. It is recognized that part of what is learned in the school is not cognitive, it is socialization to the values, practices, and attitudes of a discipline, and it transforms the student into a colleague. Mentoring goes beyond advising by including support; it is a supportive professional relationship that develops and changes as the student progresses through the study.

Occupational Health and Safety

VIHS is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of all students, visitors and employees. Management of VIHS is responsible for ensuring that the level of Occupational Health and Safety is not compromised. It is important that students report ANY injury immediately, using the Workplace Injury Report Form available at school office. If students have any concerns or notice a condition or practice that seems unsafe, it is important it be brought to the attention of the administration office and/or teacher.


A number of merit-based tuition free scholarships will be available every intake for new students. Scholarship scheme will be announced with the admission announcement. Scholarship application forms will be available at the school office at the time of admission.

Canteen service

The school will have a canteen where students will be able to buy short-eats and drinks. Students also can buy stationeries from the canteen area. Printing and photocopy service is also available at the canteen area.

Online learning management systems (OLMS)

At Villa International High School our aim is to create an educational environment where eLearning is an integral part of learning and teaching. Staffs have been developing new learning tasks which are incorporated into the curriculum. Wi-Fi internet is available at the school campus and students will have access to internet in computer laboratories and everywhere on school campus. All staff and students have their own email accounts. Students must agree to the Acceptable ICT Use Policy before they can access the network. Teachers will upload subject resources required for teaching and learning and students can get access to them using OLMS. eLearning is a focus of our school curriculum and provides an emphasis for a student centered teaching approach that provides opportunities for co-operative learning in a negotiated and engaging learning environment. OLMS will provide online forums and sharing platform where students will be able to communicate with each other and teachers. 


The school provides students access to a libarary.

Users of the liabrary shall adhere, at all times, to rules governing library use which shall be enforced by the library staff.

Students who are given access to OLMS must ensure that the user ID and password are not disclosed to anyone else.