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Saeed Ahmed


Saeed Ahmed

Saeed Ahmed joined VIHS as the Principal in July 2012. He had been in school management since the early years of the 80s. He received his education in the field from Scotland, Singapore and Australia. He holds a MA in Education from Macquarie University, Australia. Before he joined VIHS Saeed Ahmed was the Principal of Jalaluddin School, Kulhudhuffushi where he had been in top management since its inception in 1998. He also worked as Assistant Principal of Southern Secondary School and other schools he headed include Baa Atoll Education Centre, Haa Dhaal Atoll Education Centre, Raa Atoll Education Centre and G. Dh Atoll Education Centre.



Ismail Nasheed

Deputy Principal


Ismail Nasheed is currently the Deputy Principal of Villa International High School, Maldives. At present his main responsibilities include facilitating teaching and learning for staff, as well as students.


Nasheed began his career in education in 1991 on completion of a Certificate in Primary Teaching at the Institute for Teacher Education, Maldives.


As a newly qualified teacher, Nasheed worked at Shaviyani Atoll Education Centre. During this time, Nasheed joined his colleagues in setting up a modern schooling system not only at the school he was working in, but also at a number of schools in Shaviyani Atoll.


Nasheed also served as Headmaster in several schools in the islands. His service as a Headmaster began in the year 2000 at Raa Atoll School, Raa Kan’dholhudhoo. Besides working on educating the children of Kan’dholhudhoo, this assignment offered him the opportunity to engage in supporting social issues in the community, as Kan’dholhudhoo is one of the most congested islands in the Maldives and had numerous social problems that impacted students’ lives.


In 2003, Nasheed faced one of the hardest challenges of his career in education, when he was tasked to set up Middle School classes at Fares School where Maathodaa students were also required to attend Grade 6 and 7 at Fares School. This was an almost impossible task, given the animosity between the islands. Despite deep-rooted hostility among the people of Fares and Maathodaa, Nasheed achieved the mammoth task of setting up Huvadhoo School where students from Fares and Maathodaa study together to this day. With this achievement, the population of FaresMaathodaa regard Nasheed as the hero who brought the islanders together ending the hatred and creating a sense of solidarity within the population.


In 2005, Nasheed worked in Un’goofaaru School bringing together a community devastated by the 2004 Asian tsunami where many people had lost their homes and livelihood. Displacement of families meant that the school population had doubled and resources were scarce, however, Nasheed skilfully managed the situation, giving confidence to families in believing that their children can continue their education, even with the challenges faced. Furthermore, during his service at this school Nasheed established a link between Un’goofaaru School and an Australian School where both schools are reaping the benefits of this exceptional link, even today.


Nasheed also served as the Headmaster responsible for cluster schools when he worked in Raa Atoll School, Dhaalu Atoll Education Center and Noonu Atoll Education Centre. Nasheed also served as Headmaster in the southernmost atoll in the Maldives, at Seenu Atoll School. In addition, Nasheed served as Principal at Kaafu Atoll Education Centre. During this time, he served as the Head of Kaafu Teacher Resource Centre where he was also the lead trainer responsible for professional development of the teachers and Leading Teachers of schools in Kaafu Atoll.


Nasheed completed Masters in Business Administration at Anglia Ruskin University, UK. He also obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at British School of Commerce, Sri Lanka and a Diploma in School Management at the National Institute of Education, Sri Lanka.


Overall, Nasheed’s career in education in the Maldives has been an impactful service where he has been able to bring a positive difference to the lives of students, in particular, and the community in general, across the nation.  


Ahmed Waheed

Assistant Principal

Mr. Ahmed Waheed started his career as a primary teacher in 1998. Since then, he had worked in various schools as a teacher and a leading teacher. He has vast experience in managing school activities and maintaining good relations with teachers and students. Before joining VIHS in 2013 as an Assistant Principal, Mr. Waheed worked at CHSE as a leading teacher for five years. He has a degree in Education and Administration and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Bolton University, UK.  At VIHS, Mr. Waheed manages all internal and external examinations, in addition to providing support for extra co-curricular activities. His experience has brought VIHS success in many areas.


Ahmed Fuad

Assistant Principal



Ahmed Fuad began his career as a teacher in 2004. He joined VIHS in 2012, after working as the Head of Mathematics Department as well as a Leading Teacher at Meyna School for several years. From 2014 to 2016, he served VIHS as the Head of Mathematics Department. Fuad, who earned a Master’s Degree in Education from The Maldives National University in 2015, was promoted to the post of Assistant Principal in 2017. Apart from being actively engaged in various aspects of running the school, he also plays a key role in improving the school’s ICT.

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